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10 common employee forms shifted to the cloud in minutes

10 typical employee forms you will find in the Signmee template library are:

  1. Letter of offer for new staff members - Sample
  2. Employment contracts for new staff members  - Sample
  3. Changes to employment contracts
  4. Staff code of conduct
  5. Superannuation choice form (A and B) – [Australian Companies] - Sample
  6. Employee details collection for HR and Payroll systems - Sample
  7. Performance agreements - Sample
  8. Employee self-assessment - Sample
  9. Managers feedback - Sample
  10. Roster sign-up forms

It’s not surprising that businesses are turning to SignMee ( as a simple ‘drop in’ cloud solution for managing employee contracts, agreements and forms. SignMee helps businesses move a step closer to the elusive paperless office in a rapid, inexpensive manner. Forms are created from templates (or blank), and then sent to contacts to be filled, paid and signed online, powered by the smart Signmee forms engine.

Signmee removes the need to email, fax, print, scan, file and re-key data when dealing with forms based business processes.

“The magic is in the SignMee distribution system”

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Why use Signmee for your communications solution? Email (and other services) versus for effective and efficient information transfer.

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Need a form signed by someone? Just email an attachment…don’t you?

What if there was a service that worked much the same way as email, but instead of attaching a document to be opened and completed, the body of the email had a series of form fields to be filled in, with a button at the end for submitting and locking the form and making the response visible to the original sender. What if a copy of this completed (and locked) form were to remain in the inbox of the receiver’s account (just as an email does), with a completed copy residing in the senders outbox. Continue reading