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Less than a year after its launch, Melbourne based technology start-up Signmee will be up against some of the nation’s top tech enterprises this week as it vies for top honours in two categories at the prestigious iAwards.

The iAwards recognise the best and most innovative solutions and inspirational companies and individuals in the Australian ICT industry.

Signmee, a new web based technology set to revolutionise the way online documents are signed, was created by former teacher turned IT expert Nicole Bouchier.

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Signmee for business BETA release from Thursday 28th August 2014

Signmee team are excited to announce the release of Signmee for general business. As many of you already know, Signmee for schools has been available since March 2014. With the addition of Signmee for business, we now have a full offering to make life easier for businesses and customers to engage and share data – responses, sign-offs and payments.

We have launched a new look website introducing the new business offerings, particularly the ability to publish Signmee links on any website.

No need to say any more, just jump on and give it a try…create a personal Signmee account, then from the account name dropdown, select ‘Create business account’. It is that easy!

Let us know what you think…and help us to build up the features you need most within the service.


The Signmee Team

Ultranet gone…so what now for Victorian schools?

Information and communication technology is rapidly changing in design, development methods, accessibility, mobility; and with all this, the expectations of our end users and customers are being redefined. The grand and ambitious desires of pumping money into one development basket (e.g. $180M Vic School Ultranet), specifying requirements, putting out a tender and building a software solution is becoming a thing of the past for businesses and schools. The option to ‘adopt’ existing cloud services and solutions is ever appealing, as services continue to pop up providing flexibility, portability and connectedness near impossible to achieve through any custom-built service.

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Why use Signmee for your communications solution? Email (and other services) versus for effective and efficient information transfer.

email symbol

Need a form signed by someone? Just email an attachment…don’t you?

What if there was a service that worked much the same way as email, but instead of attaching a document to be opened and completed, the body of the email had a series of form fields to be filled in, with a button at the end for submitting and locking the form and making the response visible to the original sender. What if a copy of this completed (and locked) form were to remain in the inbox of the receiver’s account (just as an email does), with a completed copy residing in the senders outbox. Continue reading

That ‘aha’ moment…a customer centric approach to electronic form sharing

Boy with big idea standing by blackboard

Reflecting on 2013, our ‘aha’ year

The Signmee team has had a great year taking the Signmee network (a consumer electronic forms service) from concept through to production. Along the way we have enjoyed the ‘aha, that makes a lot of sense’ reactions from principals, teachers and parents. The step into a full production both nationally and internationally is very close, making the year ahead an eagerly anticipated prospect. The challenges and rewards from 2013 have been a plenty, and here is an overview of the journey traveled so far.

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Old school technology vs new school technology


Old school technology versus new school technology

Managing two-way communications between home and school/business and customer/business and staff is extremely costly-editing  and publishing, printing/emailing/distributing, responding, collecting, storing. Schools are using a ‘multi-channel’ approach to collect and share information, for example: SMS for important alerts and notifications (to opt-in parents only); SurveyMonkey for responses; TryBookings for payments; publication to the school website; Skoolbag for one-way broadcasts; emails for updates and responses; eNewsletter for web publishing;  and of course the humble piece of paper for consent and response.  From an impact point of view, teachers waste an enormous amount of education time managing communications, updating lists, chasing consent and payments.

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