Create your own Signmee business templates to reuse

Now you can save all your business templates in one place, making them easy to find and copy. Gain better control over your business communications. Improve your workflows and efficiency.

A business template is easy to create. Start with an existing template, or published form, and create a copy. Modify this and add/remove text and form fields as needed. Mark the form ‘Our templates’ (see illustrated below), and once published, the form will be stored in your library under the new ‘Our templates’ tab.

New Edit Mode - Swith to Template.fw


Once you save and publish as final, the document/form will be stored in your business template library. Add all the forms you use in your business on a regular basis to Our templates. Make the document creation process even faster, and control the documents your organisation is distributing. Build in consistency for your customers.

Our templates

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