Why use Signmee for your communications solution? Email (and other services) versus Signmee.com: for effective and efficient information transfer.

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Need a form signed by someone? Just email an attachment…don’t you?

What if there was a service that worked much the same way as email, but instead of attaching a document to be opened and completed, the body of the email had a series of form fields to be filled in, with a button at the end for submitting and locking the form and making the response visible to the original sender. What if a copy of this completed (and locked) form were to remain in the inbox of the receiver’s account (just as an email does), with a completed copy residing in the senders outbox.Sounds impossible! Certainly desirable. As it turns out, this is now actually a reality with a new consumer software service called Signmee.

Signmee is a networking service, designed to connect everyone for the purpose of creating and sharing electronic response forms (and also everyday communications and notifications just as you would do with email).

Signmee takes what works beautifully with networking, and combines it with what is needed for effective information sharing, to eliminate the need for managing and handling physical documents, or virtual ‘unstructured’ documents and content.

Signmee actually integrates a host of common web tools in order to present everyone with the ability to create and share electronic web forms on the fly. Within the Signmee service you will find a content management system, a survey builder, an eCommerce facility to list and take payments (shopping trolley), a payment gateway to collect payments, and an eSign facility. Signmee will soon also include a scheduling facility, enabling respondents to view ‘availability’ (updated real time) when completing a form.

How does Signmee work?

  1. Register on the Signmee network
  2. Create a business account (outbox)
  3. Invite others to connect as contacts (if they accept, they create their own account/or sign in to an existing Signmee account, and are automatically linked)
  4. Create communications and distribute to connected contacts using the Signmee network.

Benefits of Signmee

Signmee focuses on everyone, not just the sender. Everyone has access to the original signed/date stamped agreement.

A business can connect to anyone for the purpose of sharing a communication.  The person does not have to have access to a corporate system which sits behind firewalls.

Signmee is ideal for the growing Mobile Enterprise, with no boundaries, and ongoing secure access to personal contracts and communications created for and on behalf of businesses.

A bit about Signmee:

How new? Launched in September 2013, 2 years after the inception

Our technology choices? Focus on responsive design to support all devices and browsers, hosted in the cloud

Founder? Nicole Bouchier, educator and IT expert with years of experience in government education and IT sectors in Melbourne Australia.

Company backing and support? Awarded Commercialisation Australia grant for innovation and commercial viability

Early adopter response? Easy to use, gets responses, massive efficiency gains and visibility.  Big change from current business processes, but clearly a necessary change given the cost of current paper based and ineffective hybrid electronic solutions.

The numbers? On target for a few thousand Signmee accounts to be in active use by April 2014, with significant growth beyond.

Shortcomings at this stage? Few bugs (or features, depending on whether you ask a developers or the boss); UX will be refined but conceptually, functioning exactly as planned and anticipated.  Bells and whistles slowly going in, with feedback from the early adopters guiding and supporting development prioritization.

Our series of 10 “explainer” videos coming Mid Feb.  Currently support material is limited, however a help community and desk is available at helpmee.meesys.com

Our demo site is currently under development, ready in next week or so.  This will give you a chance to play.

What does the future hold? Consolidation of the current functionality for a few months, followed by further development cycle


Interested in trying Signmee? Register for an account today at signmee.com.  Set up your business, add your contacts, create a form and start sharing.  Free for all basic communications.  Credits required for response forms, payments and signatures. Contact us for trial credits, or just for a chat.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

PHONE: 1800 207 122

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