Signmee: Making e-signatures forge-proof with cyber security

  • Digital signature service Signmee has incorporated state-of-the-art cyber security software Cipherise to prevent signature forging and fraudulent forms.
  • Signmee Managing Director Nicole Bouchier says digital services providers can no longer just provide a product, it’s equally important to include cyber security measures to protect sensitive client data.
  • Cipherise validates all parties signing and distributing a document to put an end to fraudulent activity and stop identity theft.

Going digital has a huge upside, and electronic signatures are no exception. The paper-process burden of printing, posting, signing, returning, copying, filing and physically storing signed documents is obsolete with new digital options to fill, sign and submit, cutting days to weeks out of administration. The digital way makes it quicker and simpler for businesses, governments, organisations such as schools and medical practices, and those they interact with, to validate authorisation. The issue is security and Signmee has the solution: Cipherise.

A digital service without cyber security is like jewellery store without security measures: a risk. Using the right password, anyone can breach confidential data or hijack someone’s online identity. In the case of e-signatures, there’s a danger of a digital imposter fraudulently authorising financial transactions, medical approvals and forms.

To solve digital risk, Signmee has incorporated cyber security and authorisation software Cipherise, developed by Australian company Forticode. Managing Director of Signmee Nicole Bouchier said Cipherise guarantees all parties using their digital signature software are authenticated before seeing, sending or signing a document.

“Signmee together with Cipherise has made forged signatures a thing of the past,” Ms Bouchier said.

“Providing an electronic signature service is only one part of Signmee. Incorporating leading cyber security in our product to protect users from digital identity theft and data breaches is equally important.”

“Signmee takes cyber security seriously – and that doesn’t mean just anti-virus software or a good password, it means that every organisation or individual who either issues or signs a document is checked and authorised by Cipherise to be who they say they are.”

The Cipherise software developed by Forticode transforms a user’s smart phone into a digital key that validates the user and whoever they engage with, ensuring they both are who they claim to be. Cipherise does this by removing the need for a password, replacing it with invisible multi-factor authentication.

About Signmee

Signmee provides an electronic form system capable of replacing paper and semi-electronic systems of form management with an integrated create, send, sign, track and store database system—a single place for businesses, schools or government agencies to manage, track and store all forms requiring an e-signature, and a single place for recipients to complete, sign, send and store the forms they receive.

Signmee requires no special software download, is fully responsive and can be accessed via a browser on any device, making it easy to deploy and use for sender and recipient alike. Forms are easily created using the Signmee form builder and there are also dozens of templates available to copy and adapt. Data received is instantly available for download via standard or custom reports.

Signmee is proven to reduce paper usage, printing costs and also administrative frustrations as forms are complete when they are received and reminders for date and time specific returns are automated.

How does Cipherise work?

Cipherise uses a streamlined and unique multi-factor authentication model that significantly changes the reliability of employee and customer login experiences. Key capabilities and benefits include:

  • Users download Cipherise as an app to their smartphone, with no additional hardware required.
  • Cipherise uses multifactor security to verify the parties in a digital interaction – including biometrics and flagship security measure OneTiCK.
  • OneTiCK is a One Time Cognitive Keyboard (OneTiCK) that underpins the Cipherise app which only the user has the code to unlock. OneTiCK makes hard-to-remember passwords obsolete; no need for special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters and no more forgotten passwords.
  • OneTiCK protects against all known observational attacks. Even if someone were to watch the user type in their code, they couldn’t crack it.
  • Any time there is a login attempt or an attempt to do something in the user’s digital identity, Cipherise validates the real user by checking their intent. This means that Cipherise changes the security paradigm to validating intent instead of making sure a password matches.